Friday, January 8, 2010

Worst Idea in the World

Just when you thought Bud Selig couldn't come up with a worst idea than having a tie in the All-Star game or allowing steroids to take over his sport for more than a decade, he's willing to reduce the best baseball league on the planet to just another league compared to Japanese baseball? Com'n now, Bud. Buy a clue. Get a vowel. In case you haven't heard, Bud Selig is in negotiations, or discussions, to have the Major League Baseball World Series champion play the champion of Japan Baseball in the real Global World Series, and he's planning to do it soon.

I don't know, but when I saw the blurb skitter across the wire, I had to gasp. I mean, geez, it's bad enough he's trotting out the oblivious World Baseball Classic, perhaps an okay, but inconsequential idea held when most of our players are just rounding into baseball shape prior to, or during, spring training. I know, I know, other countries really love this. Who gives a darn about them? We, the baseball playing United States of America has the two leagues people around the world are hankering to play for. You don't see the Daisuke's of the USA running off to Japan to get the ultimate baseball experience. That's what we send a 0.216 hitter like Edgar Gonzalez to do so he can find a job.

Stop the madness! Kibash this notion before it gets any footing. I don't care about Japan baseball. I do care about reducing our World Series, the championship of the American vs. National League to just another round in an unending series of playoff baseball. Stop the madness before it's too late.