Thursday, February 19, 2009

Give the Money Back

February 19, 2009 - Anybody getting tired of this? Another spring training where the biggest story is a steroid induced hero walking in front of the camera and playing sham wow with the media. Oh, yes, some come across as more humble and truly sorry, such as Andy Pettite, while some as arrogant or self-serving, such as this year's poster boy for the enhanced era, Alex Rodriguez. Now I don't really know who is telling what truth here. None of us do. We can only go with what we suspect and what they are saying. Was it done to rehab an injury? Was it done for only those three years in Texas? I don't know. What I do know is that the penalties the fans and media keep talking about; the veracity of the record book, their reputation, or future induction into the Hall of Fame is not what is going to end this era. And fifty game suspensions or even one year will only go part way, too. But one thing surely would! Tell them to give the money back!

First things first. Alex Rodriguez got his latest huge money contract with the New York Yankees based on several things. One, that he was pursuing the records of Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and that other guy, and that this pursuit was worth so much more to the Yankees than just a regular top of the shelf All-Star level player for the sake of promotion and merchandise. Well, that's certainly gone now. Nobody is going to be making a whole lot of money off a chase that's now tainted. Two, some of the money was given to a player whose numbers included those steroid years. So if he's going to be paid today, pay him as if those numbers were reduced to steroid light. At least that 13.4% light quick math would get you. See former blog articles such as "Alex Rodriguez, Steroids, and 103 More." You know, something like $3 to $ million dollar or so, just for a start. But that is just the start, folks, because here's another plan to stop the madness.

Baseball should void his current contract with the New York Yankees, the one gotten on inaccurate information. Now there's a penalty. You think the current slugger who's thinking about taking growth hormone might think big head twice if his $180 miliion dollar deal could go up in smoke. I'd also try to recover some of the Texas money. It seems the owner there isn't too happy that he paid out good money, ridiculous money even at the time, for a tainted player. But perhaps the more prudent thing to do, on this line of reasoning, is to reduce the ARod contract in half. Yes, cut it in half. And give that half to a program that helps society get off this performance enhancing train. Now, the player shouldn't even have to be forced into doing this; he should do it on his own. But since I don't think many of us believe that most will do that. Geez, they can't come up with a good apology. Then I think for the good of baseball, and society, that a penalty of $125 million dollars might just do the trick.

Let's see, you do steroids and get caught ... you lose your good name, reputation, your records, a chance for the Hall of Fame, and $125 million dollars. Now that's even real money to a sports star.

PS - Now let's get back to the real beauty of the sports and discuss the games, the records, the comparisons. Well, maybe next year.

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